The idea
of this was to insert exactly batched quantity of glue into a bore hole with a 100 % preciseness. The process was hoped to be independent from cycle time connected operational procedure to be successful in saving salary costs.


During the fitting the Glue Bead is opened inside the bore hole by pressing the dowel and the glue is activated. The glue spreads proportionally around the dowel and guaranties a steady firmness of connection. The Glue Bead that was emptied in the process of pressing lays on the bottom of the bore hole and serves as an obstruction course. lt prevents the glue from bleeding and impedes spotting on the surface.

Special features:

  • no gluing necessary before the carcase cramp
  • smooth course independent from glue and temperature (independent from cycle time) result: most favourable manufacturing of shares at minimum time of pressing caused by a high viscosity of the B2-glue
  • creation of a cushion layer possible for glued half-prefabricates
  • No glue is remaining! You receive an exact dosage of glue at cleanest handling. You save the expenses for removing the usually leaking bits of glue and with it the expenditure of cleaning.
  • No bleeding.
  • The Glue Bead is assigned for a bore hole of 8 mm.
Fields of usage:
  • industry fully automatic with a machine for putting in the Glue Beads
The leading producers of boring machines offer their own developments for different fields of usage (commissions manufacturing) for the automatic bringing in of the Glue Bead. It's our pleasure to give an evidence of the contractor.

handicraft and hobbyists by hand
  • by hand
The Bead can be used (also by unskilled workers) at almost all places of employment where there was worked with the glue bottle up to now. The Glue Bead is an invention that can be useful and profitable in your company as well. Specialists from all over the world are impressed by this connection system. Products show the correctness of this concept.